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  • Venture Capital Investing Conference

    Joe Sciabica, SES, Executive Director, Air Force Research Laboratory and David Novak of Inventis Group presented at the Venture Capital Investing Conference.

  • 22nd Annual Venture Capital Investing Conference

    David J. Novak

    David Novak

    Special Presentation:

    A Story of Passion, Patience and Perseverance in Turbulent Times

    David Novak, CEO spoke at the 2011 Venture Capital Investment Conference presented by IBF International Business Forum

  • From Research Lab to Start-Up and Beyond

    Ohio Innovation Summit

    From Research Lab to Start-Up and Beyond: A Perspective on Technology Commercialization®

    The Ohio Innovation Summit OIS 09 and 11
    (Formerly Ohio Nanotechnology Summit)
    April 2009 (Revised February 2011)

    Dayton Convention Center

    Transferring discoveries from research lab to the end user is a very high risk investment. Many things can and will happen that can not be predicted or prevented; events that may be known, unknown or unknowable.

    There are three critical success factors for all successful start-up companies: Technology, Talent & Capital.