Mission & Vision

Established by entrepreneurs and technology commercialization experts, Inventis Group Ltd., provides a methodology for transferring technology from the research lab to the end-user.

We combine technology education, development and commercialization, and advised capital investment to grow high tech companies, create wealth, and jump start economic development.

Portfolio Listing II

  • NextGen Solar Cell

    40% increase in efficiency at lower cost; Si substrates reduce by > 2x lower density than current technology, reduces solar cell payload mass by 2x; expect a 3-4x reduction in price per kilowatt = growth in terrestrial markets; expect to operate in -120 C to +120 C.

  • Wearable Computer

    Innovative hardware maximizes vision throughput, minimizes power use and physical size. Operates at speeds 60X faster than other language code - stand-alone or networked.

  • Power Amplifiers

    Hi-performance EHF power amps that are rugged, compact, lightweight, requires less than 25 watts, produced in large quantities at low cost (scalable); 3 to 5 watts of output RF power and operate in -40 C to +80 C and enables development of new applications in extremely high frequency and/or power systems.

  • Web-Enabled Info/Data Discovery and Sharing

    Discover, analyze, connect, and share critical news, information, and trends from raw worldwide news and data sources for military and commercial markets.

  • Hands Free Data Collection

    System to provide Autonomic communicator using voice, head and gesture control - point of maintenance and point of care creating environment where info accessed by caregiver at any point in health care system.

  • Advanced Channelizer

    Enabling tech that combines sub-bands w/in broadband spectrum in hostile environments; tech far exceeds any competitor. Government: Joint Tactical Radio. Commercial: wireless communications.

  • Sensor to ID and Quantify Contaminants

    Develop portable sensor array for air contaminants interfacing of nanostructured sensing materials and data acquisition software for detection of volatile organic compounds - gases and vapors. Plug and play portable VOC and toxic gases; low cost, portability, rapid detection, low detection limit and high specificity.

  • Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

    Process for metallization of carbon nanofiber for lightweight EMI shielding; new dispersion scheme exhibited improved electrical conductivity. Metalizing carbon nanofibers into adhesives, coating materials and structural polymers for EMI shielding, electrical grounding, lightning strike protection. Advantages over metals in flexibility, durability, and weight savings.

  • Measurement System - Hypervelocity Projectiles (Non-Destructive Testing Devices)

    Turnkey system for DoD, Molecular and Functional medical imaging, structural biology, nondestructive evaluation, polymer processing, X-ray astronomy. High resolution digital X-ray imaging.

  • Aircraft Engine Manufacturing

    Collaborations w/ machine builder, material developer and tech commercialization. Includes decreased costs, less energy, increased accuracy, etc.

  • Subminiature Earphone

    Inner ear communications w/ protection against high noise using active noise reduction technology.

  • Datalinks in Simulation Environments

    High throughput wireless link-60 GHz; network prototype and support multiple users. Provides robust economical wireless networking. 60 GHz is answer reflected by Institute for Electrical and electronics Engineers - standardization body behind WiFi WiMax.

  • Coolanol Replacement

    Replacements for existing coolants. Provide non-flammable alternatives with increased safety and decreased environmental impact and costs in solar heat transfer, transformers, autos and nuclear.

  • Radome Checkout Tool

    Current tech fails repair testing a rate of ~ 40%. Each failed radome cost up to $20K, Air Force operates ~ 4000 aircraft. Data shows DoD could save over $30M w/ improved radome checkout tool. Commercial airlines could save $100's of millions.