About Inventis®


Value Proposition

Inventis Group Ltd.® was established by entrepreneurs and technology commercialization experts to provide a methodology for transferring technology from the research lab to the end-user. Founded in 2004, Inventis principals share over 50 years of experience in the development and commercialization of high technologies.

Value Proposition Table


Mission & Vision

The Inventis methodology (patent pending) serves to minimize risk and maximize return on investment for our investors and inventors. Inventis also serves to bridge gaps in intellectual property, management and capital while providing the shortest route to profitability, market share and exit strategy. As depicted above, we combine technology, talent and capital to grow high tech companies, create wealth, and jump start economic development.

The Inventis process includes every phase of technology development, protection and commercialization, and everyone involved in bringing technology from the lab to commercial success and beyond. Our commitment is to the inventor and the investor to ensure that all parties enjoy commercial success. In addition, the Inventis commitment extends from the local level to the global arena, and from STEM (science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, mathematics) education to economic development as shown in the model above.