From The Founder

CORPORATE SUMMARY by David J. Novak, CEO, Inventis Group Ltd.®

David J. NovakI BELIEVE the mission is simple, it's the execution that will kill you.

The Inventis mission is to bring research lab technologies to the end user.  Our execution is best exemplified by the 2009-2010 program which Inventis built from scratch for the U.S. Air Force Research Lab and its leadership entitled  Investments for Commercialization (I4C).

We culled thru 600 technologies and 500 companies. Through an iterative due diligence process, we selected three game changing technologies/companies, which were seeking investment capital to bring products to market. Each company was assisted in building a commercialization plan and slide deck for investor briefings.

Consequently, we were able to secure a commitment for one company in the amount of $4.5M, a term sheet for a second company of $750K, and entry into due diligence for a third company.  All accomplished with a minimal budget and severe time and information constraints.

Obviously, our process for this success story was not created overnight.  It's based upon decades of experience, dozens of start-ups, many successes and some failures. However, the underlying attributes remained throughout: Passion, Patience and Perseverance.

We have a wide range of experience from building an innovative business model and spearheading the initial foray into Latin America for the LexisNexis corporation, to spinning-out a start-up company from the research labs of the University of Dayton.

In addition, we look forward to developing similar technology commercialization programs for the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation and other government agencies, universities and corporations.

Our efforts also focus on the community. and giving back to such important causes as STEM education and Veteran's programs. We collaborate with such organizations and events as TechConnect and the World's Best Technologies Conference where we serve as screeners of technologies and mentors of companies selected to present.  In addition, we're developing program material for the International Business Forum's Annual Venture Capital Conference and discussing a nation-wide technology challenge with the XPrize organization.

Personally, I've studied throughout Europe in such wonderful cities as Copenhagen, Denmark, Barcelona, Spain and Manchester, England.  I hold an MBA from the University of Florida, JD from Union University and a BA from the State University of New York at Albany.

The Inventis Advisory Board consists of approximately ten well seasoned and credentialed experts from government, industry and universities.  Each brings a unique and very valuable perspective to all of our programs, technologies and companies.

Currently, we are building our own venture capital fund to ensure that every one of our high quality deals reaches its full commercialization potential.

In so doing, we look forward to changing the world and the lives of children in every continent.

We invite qualified investors or other interested parties to contact us to discuss in greater detail the investment opportunity or any other aspect of the Inventis process and programs.

David J. Novak